Sunday Reading: Maria Catt

Maria Catt on women and gender transition. Excerpt:

I’d rather you find us [detransitioners] disturbing, not because we represent failure or fucking up or making a mistake or transition gone wrong, some fate you’re desperate to avoid but because we indicate how repressive this society is, how much this culture controls how we think and feel, how much this society hates and mistreats those with female bodies. I want you to understand us as survivors of misogynistic medical abuse and I want you to be pissed off that this happens just as you may feel anger towards other social violence. It never seems like you can separate our experience from your own enough to feel genuine compassion for what we’ve suffered through. You don’t need to agree with someone’s politics to recognize that they’ve been hurt and wronged by other people. Where are the trans people talking about how women are so badly treated in this society that some of us are using medical technology to destroy ourselves?

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